Five Reasons You Should Backup Your WordPress Website

How To Increase Your Website Traffic by Following Below Tips
How To Increase Your Website Traffic by Following Below Tips
July 22, 2017

Five Reasons You Should Backup Your WordPress Website

Do you have an offsite backup of your WordPress site? If you don’t, let me tell you why you’re making a mistake.


Five Reasons You Should Back Up Your WordPress Website

A WordPress site is comprised of two major components: the files that make up WordPress Core and any themes and plugins the user has installed, and the database, which contains the site’s content and other information, including its user list. A functioning WordPress installation needs both of these components. If something goes wrong with any of them, the WordPress site will either stop working altogether or exhibit unusual behavior.

If you’ve been in the WordPress world for a while, you’ll have heard many stories of WordPress sites that were irrevocably lost because the WordPress database became corrupted, because essential files were deleted, or, most dishearteningly, because the site owner thought they had backed up their site, but had really only copied the files and not the database (this happens more than you’d think).

I’ve seen adults reduced to tears by months of work lost because of a simple error on the command line or in the WordPress admin interface. It’s not that WordPress is particularly fragile it isn’t. It is, however, a complex application with lots of moving parts. Everything from the server on which the site is hosted to the plugins that provide functionality need to work properly and sometimes, they don’t.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to mitigate the risk: keep comprehensive up-to-date off-server backups of the site’s files and its database.

If you’re not convinced of the value of creating a backup, here’s why you should rethink.

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Because Everyone Makes Mistakes

WordPress professionals with years of experience are more likely to make backups than someone who just installed their first WordPress site. WordPress professionals know that no-one is immune from mistakes. Experience has cured them of the false confidence of the novice.

If you’re new to WordPress, you will do something to your site that you want to take back having an up-to-date backup makes it easy.


Because Hackers Love WordPress

WordPress is not an insecure application compared to other content management systems in its class. However, WordPress is the number one target of online criminals because of its popularity. At some point, your WordPress site will come under attack from a criminal, and if you don’t have decent backups, removing the malware and undoing the damage will be expensive.
Because Ransomware Won’t Matter If You Have A Backup

Ransomware isn’t a huge threat on Linux servers at the moment, but servers are increasingly targeted they’re a high-value asset for businesses. Ransomware attackers compromise servers and use malware to encrypt files on the server. Then they demand money for the key.

If you don’t have a backup, your choice is to pay or lose the data. If you have a backup, the attacker loses their leverage.


Because No Hosting Company Is Perfect

Even the best hosting company can suffer from hardware glitches that damage the files and the database of a WordPress site. If you have a backup, it’s a minor inconvenience.


Because Of Black Swan Events

A black swan event is both unpredictable and often catastrophic. It’s one of those events that you never think are going to happen and make no preparation for. Natural disasters that damage the data center in which your site is hosted fall into this category. Unfortunately, the unforeseen happens all the time, and when it does, you should be prepared.


How To Backup Your WordPress Site

Backing up a WordPress site isn’t difficult. Third-party services like VaultPress will handle the unpleasant details. If you want to oversee the backup yourself, there are any number of backup plugins, including BackupBuddy and BackWPup.
A final word of advice: once you have a backup system in place, make sure you test it. A backup is only useful if it can be restored.

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